5 ways to get the most out of BI and big data

David Gee and Matthias Fetz

Implementing a competency centre will enable you to understand marketing campaigns in real-time. It will also enable you to respond immediately to any sudden market changes that impact your business environment — rather than lamenting the results in the next quarterly report.

We see this stage best achieved through an iterative 'department by department' implementation that encourages active feedback and accepts progressive continuous improvement to shape the deployment schedule.

Embracing the suggestions and learnings from business users is a key element to securing the cultural adoption necessary for self-service reporting to succeed.

It is the expert and engaged support of the centre that enables the business to mature its self-service reporting capability, and actively expose the tacit knowledge required to gain competitive advantage.

CIOs must play an active role in creating and governing a competency centre if they are to harness the value of information that flows 'from' rather than 'through' technology platforms. It is this information flow that ultimately delivers on your promise to provide timely decision support across your entire organisation.

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