8 data science bootcamps to boost your career

Sarah K. White

You can take a full-time data science course, or you can choose to take part-time or stand-alone courses. You’ll need to apply and the process includes a technical exercise, but it’s more to gauge your current level and whether you have the potential to succeed in the field. Courses, tuition and availability vary for full-time and part-time courses and will depend on the location you choose to attend.


Insight offers a 7-week fellowship program that’s meant to prepare Ph.D. graduates with a transition from academia to the professional world. Courses are offered in Silicon Valley, Boston and New York City, all hubs for data science. The program offers project-based learning, working directly with industry professionals to help build your network and land you an interview after the course is complete.

As a fellowship program, those accepted will attend for free, but requirements to apply include experience with physics, astrophysics, mathematics, statistics, bioinformatics, engineering, computer science or neuroscience as well as a doctorate degree.

K2 Data Science

K2 Data Science offers online programs, workshops and webinars in data science and data analytics. Programs include a video-based curriculum combined with assignments, guided projects, one-on-one mentorship and completion of a job-worthy portfolio. They even include career counseling to help you get your resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile and GitHub Portfolio up to date.

Data science programs are rooted in Python, with a focus on data science and machine learning algorithms. Tuition ranges depending on the program you choose, but it starts at around $3,000 and scholarships are available for qualifying students. 


Springboard courses are completely online and they focus on teaching in-demand skills to “future-proof your career.” There are courses for every level of data science — from the inexperienced to the seasoned professional. You’ll get access to the Springboard community, a mentor, a career coach and a student advisor.

With a focus on hands-on experience that will apply to real-world situations, Springboard wants to help you build a portfolio to impress recruiters. The intermediate and entry-level courses are $499 per month, and most students complete the course in two to four months. The Data Science career track, which costs $4,800, also comes with a “job guarantee,” promising to land you a job at the end of the program.

General Assembly

General Assembly offers full-time and part-time courses, workshops and events in person and online — and the number of cities offering in-person courses keeps increasing. The full course catalog is extensive, and there is a program for every data science skill you can imagine. Courses range from one-week accelerated courses to full immersive 10- to 13-month programs, but it’s easy to find something to fit your schedule and budget.

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