Asian startups: Big Data on tap

Zafar Anjum

"The third angle is that in the next five years, a lot of growth will happen in Asia. If you look at China, India, Indonesia, you got 3 billion people. 50 percent of the world's market is here. Imagine if you could build something for Asia or emerging markets, you can make a place for yourself here."

According to Shankar, clients are buying into the company's vision. They have about 6 clients, most of which are big MNC names. They run 3-6 months pilots with their clients and then convert the relationship into a SaaS model.

"We will end up with reasonable revenue in 2013," says Shankar (the interview took place late last year). "We are talking about 20 prospects right now. We expect major revenues in 2014."

This year, the company will raise Series A funding and it is expected to break even in the first quarter of 2015.


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