Asia’s Most Innovative FSI Services

Richard Pain

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These new services perfectly demonstrate the many ways companies in the FSI sector are rushing to disrupt the market. But with so many different opportunities for innovation, what are the most important areas to focus on?

Foong Sui Jin, Director, Systems Engineering at Juniper Networks, shares his thoughts on the opportunities at hand.

Foong Sui Jin, Director, Systems Engineering at Juniper Networks

Foong Sui Jin, Director, Systems Engineering at Juniper Networks

"With the rapid deployment of Fintech services across the region, the demands on the underlying infrastructure to support these platforms securely across cloud data centres are critical. Providers need to provide top-notch security, while maintaining low latency, long-term scalability and performance. These often contrasting requirements become increasingly challenging with exponentially growing consumer demand and adoption. We believe that Fintech is poised to radically change the services provided by the financial industry in the near future, providing services that might not have been achievable previously. This marriage of technology and finance is an evolution that Juniper is proud to be part of; by providing highly programmable, secure and high performance cloud networks."

As shown in this article, the race to provide the most innovative financial services is not slowing down. Companies looking to take the lead require not only the ambition to do so, but also the appropriate technology infrastructure to securely and reliably support their vision.


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