BLOG: Evolving the data centre value proposition in 2014

Kris Kumar

4. Regulatory compliance

Change can only be effectively conceptualised and implemented in collaboration with other players in the data centre ecosystem, including governments. In 2013, we saw more industry-specific regulatory changes emerge in Asia Pacific for technology outsourcing, including in the financial services, healthcare, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and biotech sectors.  For example, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has led the way by imposing guidelines for technology outsourcing in the financial services sector.

Today, CIOs and IT leaders are looking for creative business models that increase their return on investment (ROI). Consequently, data centre providers who want to help their clients succeed should focus on reducing waste, increasing transparency, benchmarking and developing regulatory compliance frameworks in full collaboration with all stakeholders. Then and only then can they remain relevant to their clients.

Kris Kumar is Senior Vice President and Regional Head (APAC), Digital Realty.


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