Cloud business intelligence, Predictive Analytics to go mainstream in 2014

Ike Suarez

Cloud business intelligence and predictive analytics will go mainstream in 2014 , according to Tableau Software vice president for Asia-Pacific JY Pook.

The high ranking executive of the Seattle-based vendor of interactive data visualisation products gave out the projections as he listed the top 10 business intelligence trends for this year.

A press statement by Tableau Software announced  his projections and quoted him as saying that business intelligence is currently a good field for vendors to be engaged in.

IDC Report

Cited as the reason was the 2010 report by the International Data Corporation projecting  that by 2014, the business intelligence software market would grow to US S11.3 billion.

Other trends projected for 2014 by Pook were the following:

  • The end of data scientists' monopoly of data analyses in business organisations as this skill now becomes part of the skill sets of ordinary business users
  • Big Data will increasingly migrate to the cloud
  • Agile business intelligence solutions will start to dominate as users seek tools able to work with new data sources
  • Embedded business intelligence will emerge as a tool used by businesses
  • Storytelling will become important to gain insights and ideas from data
  • Mobile business experience will be the primary experience for business users
  • Organisations will begin to use social data in earnest
  • NoSQL will become more popular as organisations will explore ways to use unstructured data

Pook said organisations that want to get up and run fast with analytics would drive adoption of cloud-based business intelligence.