EMC and enabling data protection-as-a-service

FY Teng

PK Gupta, Director and Chief Architect, EMC, and, South Asia Vice-Chair, SNIA

EMC, the Hopkinton, MA, US-based information management technology company officially announced last Friday (April 4, 2014) brand new data protection solutions, including major enhancements in its Data Protection Suite, Data Domain, VPLEX and RecoverPoint product families. In this interview here, PK Gupta-the Director and Chief Architect of  EMC, and also the SNIA's (Storage Networking Industry Association's) South Asia Vice-Chair-tells us more about the significance of Friday's announcements and its particular relevance to enterprises in Asia.

What is your go to market strategy for the newly enhanced EMC Data Protection Suite, Data Domain family, and the VPLEX and RecoverPoint lineup?
As IT shifts from on-premise to public/private/hybrid cloud environments, data protection needs to transform in order to provide recoverability and accessibility to applications and data with service level agreements appropriate to the business value.

In software-defined data centres, infrastructure is virtualised and delivered as-a-service. To maintain effective protection during the transition to next generation environments, data protection strategies and technologies must also evolve to a service-based delivery model.

Addressing the entire continuum of data protection requirements, EMC's new integrations with primary and protection storage platforms, and with hypervisors and enterprise applications, extends the support for cloud environments and delivers new technologies that enable data protection-as-a-service delivery.

The new products enable existing and new customers to deliver data protection as-a-service in three ways.

One: empowering application, VM and storage administrators-with visibility and control over data protection policies, within familiar and native interfaces, to ensure appropriate recovery levels and speed of recovery. Tighter integration with application and data sources is a critical step in the shift to cloud (and to as-a-service) offerings as it eliminates extra overhead, cost and complexity, and allows for greater automation.

Two: accelerating data protection as a service-via tight coordination with hypervisors for policy and workflow management; providing the ability to segregate tenant workloads to assure security and performance levels, and the ability to operate as-a-service in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Three: seamlessly spanning the continuum of customer needs and service level agreements-from high availability to backup and recovery to archive and compliance. EMC is the only vendor that can provide complete coverage of this spectrum.

EMC's Data Protection Solutions are equally applicable to all industries, and companies of all sizes. We see a tremendous growth and adoption of our solutions across APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan) as organisations look to transform their data protection environments in order to lower costs, increase availability and decrease risk. EMC remains committed to supporting businesses in their virtualisation and data protection needs.

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