Malaysia's Maxis is part of Asia Pacific M2M alliance


T Kugan modified 

Photo - T Kugan, Head of Digital Services, Maxis Berhad.


An alliance of 11 Asia Pacific mobile operators have formed the region's largest machine-to-machine (M2M) alliance to offer a 'one-stop shop' for M2M rollout across the region, according to one of the operators Malaysian telecom Maxis.

Maxis head of digital services T Kugan who said the Bridge M2m Alliance is a centre of excellence for M2M services and solutions to attract partnerships and provide customers with an end-to-end M2M regional capability.

Kugan said this help Maxis's Managed M2M service to better support the M2M needs of major multi-national companies beyond Malaysia.

Maxis is already addressing customer needs for cross-border services such as M2M roaming required for sectors such as transportation and logistics, which complement its existing M2M offerings, he said.

"M2M is an important pillar of our digital strategy serving a wide range of Enterprise customers," Kugan added. "Being the only telco in Malaysia to be part of this initiative gives us a strategic advantage in our local market, and our customers can look forward to comprehensive regional geographical coverage and superior service.

"Moving forward, we plan to enrich our service offerings by exploring other parts of the M2M value chain so that we can provide end-to-end tailored M2M solutions for selected customer segments with superior customer support," he said.

 Asia's highly varied economies

Kugan said the Bridge M2M Alliance removed much of the complexity of dealing with multiple operators by offering delivery of regional M2M services across geographical borders while supporting better customer service.

Bridge Alliance chief executive officer, Alessandro Adriani, said, Asia is made up of highly varied economies, uneven technological development and diversified regulatory requirements. As a result, multinational businesses find it extremely difficult to navigate the intricacies of the region and to fully capitalise on economies of scale. The evolution of Bridge Alliance in the M2M business is an indication of the commitment from the 11 operators to overcome these challenges for the success of customers' businesses."

Bridge M2M Alliance comprises members of Bridge Alliance and is made up of Airtel (India), AIS (Thailand), CSL (Hong Kong), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Maxis (Malaysia), MobiFone (Vietnam), Optus (Australia), SingTel (Singapore), SK Telecom (South Korea), Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan) and Telkomsel (Indonesia). Together, the group serves a combined base of over 500 million subscribers, making it the largest M2M alliance in the Asia Pacific region.