MDeC delivers major Malaysian Big Data push with three deals


MDeC BDA National Innovation 

Photo - (From left) Dinesh Nair, Director, Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft Malaysia; Ivan Teh, CEO of Fusionex; Dr Suhazimah Binti Dzazali, Deputy General of MAMPU; Dato' Yasmin Mahmood, CEO of MDeC; Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah, President & CEO of MIMOS; Craig Morrison, Country General Manager, Teradata Malaysia and Ir Dr Karl Ng Kah Hou, Director of Innovation Capital at MDeC.


Malaysia's ICT agency Multimedia Development Corporation [MDeC] has launched another major push to drive the nation's Big Data Analytics [BDA] role within the Asean region with a new National BDA Innovation Network, involving three deals, which include industry firms such as Teradata and Fusionex International.

The recent launch in Cyberjaya of the National BDA Innovation Network was signalled by three memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with global industry and key government partners to establish a network of BDA Innovation Centres of Excellence (CoE), said MDeC chief executive officer Dato' Yasmin Mahmood.

MoUs were signed with Teradata Corporation Malaysia [Teradata] and Fusionex International to build industry-driven Centres of Excellence [COEs], while the third MoU was signed with national agency Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) and applied research agency MIMOS to establish a BDA Digital Government (DG) Lab.

Yasmin said that the BDA DG Lab will be part of the overall National BDA Innovation Network, which will include industry partners such as Dell, SAP, IBM, Telekom Malaysia (TM), Microsoft, Oracle, HP and SAS. Representatives of these companies were also present during the announcement,

She said the agreements concerned collaboration between MDeC and BDA experts from both the public and private sectors to design and develop high impact BDA solutions in significant sectors in the national economy such as banking, telecommunication, oil and gas, retail and e-commerce, healthcare, education, transportation and manufacturing.

 Public-Private partnership essential

These moves should encourage the proliferation of BDA technologies in these key sectors that would generate various job opportunities in the those sectors, and create a sustainable ecosystem in Malaysia as a catalyst for further economic growth, said Yasmin.

"The National BDA Innovation Network shows MDeC leading the effort by drawing upon our competencies in national BDA thought-leadership. Indeed, no single player can drive the adoption of technology trends in Malaysia, thus public and private partnership is essential in accelerating the adoption of BDA on a national scale," she said.

Yasmin said that about 50 data science professionals, including 15 data scientists will be involved in the National BDA COEs, will be working on several high impact projects such as dengue prediction and prevention, fighting organised crime and drug trafficking as well as reducing the country's tax gap by pinpointing tax frauds through predictive analytics.

The setting up of a National BDA COEs was one of the three imperatives announced by the Prime Minister Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak during the 26th MSC Malaysia Implementation Council Meeting (ICM) held in October 2014 to drive the nation toward becoming a regional BDA player.

In addition, the Prime Minister also stressed the need to address talent shortage of data scientists in Malaysia and unlock the value of Open Data.

Government adoption of BDA was expected to be fuelled by the BDA Dg Lab while the CoEs by Teradata and Fusionex International would foster widespread use of BDA in both the public and private sectors, she added.

 Regional BDA role

Craig Morrison, country general manager of Teradata Malaysia, said: "We are proud to be a partner with MDeC in their efforts to advance BDA in Malaysia. Although BDA has gone beyond being a corporate agenda into a national one, the industry needs more success stories before the technology can be adopted in a big way. High impact projects developed by the CoEs will be a compelling case on how BDA can benefit society, the government and businesses within Malaysia."

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