MDeC pushes for digital transformation across Malaysia's economy


This is the first programme outside USA to transform the brightest math, science and engineering talents in South East Asia into qualified, top-notch quality data scientists. The Incubator is a strategic partnership between US-based 'The Data Incubator' (#1 Data Science Accelerator backed by Cornell University) and the Center of Applied Data Science. It was set up to respond to the critical need for real world qualified data scientists and data professionals.

  • ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator Programme

MDeC and the Open Data Institute (ODI) are collaborating to launch the ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator, to provide startups with mentoring, technology, infrastructure and networking support to expedite their growth and become investment ready. With its wealth of experience in supporting startups, the institute will support them with strategic direction and programme development.

#MYCYBERSALE is Malaysia's biggest online sale that gathers Malaysia's popular e-Tailers, now in its second year. This an initiative under Digital Malaysia to catalyse the growth of the eCommerce industry.  eCommerce is an important contributor to the digital economy and eTailing is a fast-growing component within this industry. #MYCYBERSALE 2015 aims to increase the domestic eCommerce revenue by encouraging SMEs to be part of eCommerce ecosystem and generating online shopping demand from consumers.

3. e-Usahawan is an initiative under Digital Malaysia to mainstream digital entrepreneurship for the Rakyat. It looks into integrating Digital Entrepreneurship to Technical & Vocational Education &Training (TVET) curriculum, providing short digital entrepreneurship courses to local micro-entrepreneurs and encourage cross-agency collaboration.

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