Mioying’s fintech OS to transform HK’s wealth and asset management sector

Adrian M. Reodique

Fintech startup, Mioying, is launching its MPro platform in Hong Kong to transform the wealth and asset management industry.

According to Mioying, some wealth managers in Hong Kong still rely on manual calculations and Excel to handle complex data analysis and operational processes.

"The technology systems serving Hong Kong's wealth management sector haven't made any progress in the past decade, putting its reputation as a global financial hub at growing risk," said Jason Tu, CEO of Mioying Financial Technology, in a press release.  

"We aim to change that by bringing MPro, one of the world's most technically advanced operating systems for asset management to Hong Kong," added Tu.

MPro is an end-to-end operating system for portfolio data and analytics. Basically, it integrates internal and external data sources, which feed its reporting and analytical tools. It allows users to visualise a clear financial picture at every level.

"Many companies claim to have advanced trading algorithms, but very few are willing to do the 'dirty work' to aggregate data and streamline processes," said Tu.

"Algorithms won't help if the dataset itself is handicapped; that's why MPro provides an end-to-end solution covering data aggregation, data management, and AI-based analytics. For robo-advising and other cutting edge fintech services to prove sustainable, we need to clean and structure our data as rigorously as possible -- in other words, putting the emphasis on 'tech' back in fintech," he added.

In addition, Mioying supports third-party integration to external strategy libraries and provides compliance management tool.