More than a third of Australian enterprises resist 'digital enterprise' tag

Brian Karlovsky

"It is interesting to note that the public sector is revealed as one of the most prepared industries in terms of having a dedicated resource for this role, yet it is organisations from this sector that claim the lowest percentage of 'Digital Enterprises'". The biggest benefits of digitisation were seen to be the increases in agility, scalability and adaptability of the business (49.3 per cent).

While the advantages of making the company more desirable to work for was also prominent (47.5 per cent).

Keys said it was promising to see that businesses were thinking ahead in terms of the future workforce.

"In order to meet the growing demands of this new generation, organisations need to ensure their business is ready to both attract and maintain the best talent," he said. "There is massive opportunity to embrace the era of digital disruption that is currently upon us, and helping businesses understand how to take advantage of this is paramount".

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