Startups: TrustSphere—harnessing the benefits of messaging intelligence

Zafar Anjum

Manish Goel

Manish Goel, founder and CEO, TrustSphere

Not many might have heard of messaging intelligence. It is a new category of service that combines big data with social network analytics as well as security elements.

According to Forrester analyst Tim Sheedy, there's a huge amount of unstructured information and data that companies don't derive any value from. "However, a growing number of solutions are beginning to mine elements of this data: product information, software code, legal case files, medical literature, messaging data, and other unstructured business data."

One such company, Sheedy points out, is TrustSphere, which is a messaging intelligence provider. "TrustSphere has an interesting solution that mines your messaging data to get real insights and information from the mountains of emails and messages that bounce into, out of, and around your organization every day. This is an interesting concept, and TrustSphere has developed a number of use cases for its solution," he says in one of his recent blog posts.

TrustSphere evolved from an earlier avatar, BoxSentry, which provided email security solutions. The man behind both the companies is Manish Goel, CEO of TrustSphere.

Manish has more than 15 years of experience in the software and services sectors. He was a Partner of Greenoak Capital Partners, a venture capital firm specialising in technology and data sector investments.

Prior to Greenoak, Manish worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for a number of years in their consulting practice. In 2000, he worked with them to set up PwC Venture Partners, which was focused on early stage innovation, based out of London. "From there, we saw over one thousand deals over a three year period," he told Computerworld Singapore over Skype. "We invested in a couple of those companies. A number of them did very well."

"When I left PwC I set up my own VC fund," he said. One of their first investment was in BoxSentry, a company that provided solutions for secure email communications.

"BoxSentry did very well but we transformed some of the key aspects into TrustSphere," Goel said. "Over the last couple of years that's what we have been focusing on."

TrustSphere started operations in 2011 and is headquartered in Singapore.

The vision behind the new company, according to Goel, was to build a 'sphere of trust' around today's communication infrastructure. "We started in the security space,with a vision to improve security systems," he said. "What we recognised that, particularly from a cognitive computing perspective, what we could do is actually provide many of those insight to decision makers who could then use these to influence their strategic and operational decisions across a number of business process."

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