The Microsoft Malaysia take on the digital challenge of engaging customers


Microsoft Malaysia on Dynamics CRM 2015 

Photo - (From left) Rukmani Subramanian, Microsoft Malaysia Chief Marketing and Operations Officer; and John Chan, CRM Solutions Lead, Microsoft Dynamics Asia speak at Dynamics CRM 2015 briefing in Kuala Lumpur.


During a recent Kuala Lumpur briefing, productivity and platform company Microsoft said Malaysian businesses needed to use technological tools more strategically to help change the way they engage with their customers in an increasingly consumer-driven era.

Rukmani Subramaniam, Microsoft Malaysia's chief marketing and operations officer, together with John Chan, CRM solutions lead for Microsoft Dynamics Asia, spoke to about 400 executives on how best to use technological tools and platforms to help manage these challenges.

The attenders said customers were now "dictating the manner and medium in which marketers must use to reach them and win their business and loyalty.

Microsoft's Subramaniam said the changing digital landscape presented new challenges especially for chief marketing officers (CMOs), which fall into four categories - marketing analytics, marketing operations, digital marketing and customer experience.

She said that to address these four challenges, a digital strategy should be used, which included the use of dynamic solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

John Chan, CRM solutions lead, Microsoft Dynamics Asia, said, "Dynamics CRM is a critical part of Microsoft's cloud strategy and the core solution for enabling businesses to better engage with their customers. Businesses are increasingly realising how Dynamics CRM is helping sellers and marketers unite and collaborate to deliver a seamless customer experience, as evidenced by the growing momentum and demand around the world - including Asia Pacific - for our CRM solutions."

 Four challenges

Subramaniam said Dynamics CRM would help in breaking down the challenges. In note form, she outlined how Microsoft's suite would help CMOs, as follows:

  • Marketing Analytics: Transforming insights into actions

As connecting with customers on a personal level was critical to delivering the right marketing messages to target audiences, marketers need a single unified view of their customer by uniting information from multiple channels.
o Microsoft has gleaned business insights by consolidating information from multiple sources into a single pane of glass in an easily digestible manner through self-service tools and dashboards based on familiar technologies like Office.
o Microsoft Azure HDInsight, Excel with Power View, Power BI for Office 365, SQL Server

  • Marketing Operations: Creating campaigns with agility


o There is no 9-5 work day anymore. Marketers must be able to connect and collaborate on-the-go and unleash their workforce to tackle any customer project anywhere.
o Marketing operations must work quickly and smoothly - with secure productivity and collaboration services - in order to increase marketing creativity and efficiency.
o Microsoft has approached the challenge of marketing operations with collaboration and communication tools that move away from individual abilities to tools that "empower collective wisdom. This also allows us to work in a truly mobile work culture in which time and place do not dictate how we work, and marketers are able to move from work to life seamlessly," she said.

  •  Digital marketing: Being in the moments that matter

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