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As of today, all previous subscribers of the MIS Asia Financial Services newsletter will start receiving this weekly dedicated BankITasia.com one instead, which links directly to the top stories on Executive Networks Media's brand new portal–www.BankITAsia.com–devoted to news and analyses of key events and trends in the financial services sector.

Built from the ground up with a full set of features to keep all our readers constantly apprised of developments within and impacting the banking and financial services industry in Asia Pacific, BankITasia.com will be the region's one-stop portal of content specially generated, curated and packaged for current and aspiring members of the FSI community.  

They include the following.

* Continual analysis of trends set to change the financial markets

* Profiles of financial houses shaking up the regional and global economies

* Insights on the evolving government regulations framework

* Strategies as rendered by Asia Pacific's top banking executives

* Constant flow of breaking news relevant to banking and finance

* Extensive and 'live' coverage of FSI community events

"We are set to change how the banking and financial services business is viewed in this region," said ENM CEO Mark Hobson. "We are going to provide more than a 360-degree from the outside look at financial houses and markets. We are also going to take our readers through how each company and market works on the inside and what their leaders are thinking."