Western Union deploys Cloudera Hadoop tools for transactional data analytics

Matthew Finnegan

Global payments provider Western Union has implemented a Hadoop-based data analytics platform from Cloudera to help provide a more personalised experience for its customers.

Using Cloudera Enterprise, Western Union is able to more efficiently store and process real-time analytics on what the vendor describes as "one of the world's largest enterprise data sets".

The money transfer firm delivered payments services to more than 70 million consumers across 200 countries and territories during 2013, facilitating 29 transactions per second.

Cloudera's Apache Hadoop implementation will help Western Union centralise its global customer data in an enterprise data hub, and will support pattern recognition and predictive modelling. The big data analytics platform is aimed at creating a more personalised experience across multiple products and service delivery channels for Western Union customers.

"Western Union produces transactional data at a considerable rate, which presents a significant opportunity in terms of modelling and analysis," said Sanjay Saraf, senior vice president and chief technology officer for Western Union.

"Ultimately, the results of our data analytics effort will help Western Union continue to create a personalised customer experience, tailored to an individual's unique needs, across many different cultures and walks of life from around the world.

"We have successfully launched our Hadoop powered enterprise data hub to analyse millions of records, and continue to implement best in class technologies that drive innovation and help us create deeper, more meaningful relationships with our customers."

The partnership furthers Western Union's previous moves into big data analytics. Last year the company announced that it is using a range of Tibco software including BusinessEvents complex event processing platform to enable real-time decision making and ActiveSpaces in-memory data grid to speed processing.