7 reasons your cloud will fail

Lawrence Schwartz, CMO, SoftwareONE

* Migrating too quickly. Moving to the cloud needs to happen slowly, one area of the business at a time, so the entire team feels confident in the migration at each step of the way. For this reason, you should start the migration with your least critical business units, so the team can familiarize themselves with the deployment process before diving into the more high-stakes units. Cloud migrations take time, and need to be built to scale. Organizations that push their teams into the cloud too quickly will put their entire cloud infrastructure at risk.

* Poor cost optimization. Many organizations struggle to navigate cloud pricing models, and an estimated 35% of cloud spending is ultimately wasted. It’s very common for companies to underutilize their VMs, paying for instances that are no longer in use. This can cause the cost of cloud maintenance to skyrocket. Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to break the bank, but if you’re not careful when laying out your cloud maintenance strategy, you will have a difficult time justifying your budget to the executive team.

* Unwilling to adopt new technologies. New technology brings exciting opportunities for innovation. Right now, many IT departments are looking into the possibilities that automation, machine learning, software-defined data centers (SDDCs), etc. can bring their business. Companies that fail to take advantage of the full range of opportunities the cloud can bring will find themselves left behind in the next chapter of the cloud revolution. 

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