Back to basics for a New Style of Business

Loh Khai Peng, Managing Director for Singapore, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Rise of the digital pathfinders
Talking about a responsive platform is very different than building one. That requires an uncommon level of commitment. So uncommon, in fact, that 81 percent of the organisations in Singapore surveyed lacked the qualities to be considered a digital disrupter. These are the mainstreamers and the laggards who are content to follow the digital status quo and hope for the best.

Conversely, the remaining 19 percent are the "digital pathfinders" who see IT as their strategic business tool. These pathfinders will emerge stronger for having embraced a New Style of Business in which discussions about technology begin and end with business goals in mind. This is a future that is available today and made real by modern infrastructures that are automated, open and optimised, agile and analytically driven.

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