BLOG: 14 Cybersecurity predictions for 2014

FireEye Team

11.  More crimeware will destroy the operating systems (OSs) of targeted systems as a last step of an attack. Lately, European authorities have been more successful in catching cyber gangs. A new feature in Zeus that wipes the OS could help cybercriminals clean up any evidence and avoid arrest. Prediction by Jason Steer.

12.  More "digital quartermasters" behind targeted attack campaigns. In other words, Sunshop DQ is only the beginning. More threat actors will centralize their development and logistics operations to create an economy of scale and industrialize malware. Prediction by Darien Kindlund and Bryce Boland*.

13.  With increasing collaboration between targeted organizations around the globe, we will see cybercrime gangs identified and shut down, thanks to clues that tie separate attacks to common campaigns and threat actors. Prediction by Greg Day.

14.  Cybercrime gets personal. Criminals will increasingly recognize that specific information is more valuable than generic data. As a result, we will see more attackers shifting their focus to high-value data. Prediction by Greg Day.

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