BLOG: Why don't we 'Walk The Technology Talk'?

Ross O. Storey

 Listen to your own marketing

Even enterprises that promote information technology seem to, all too often, fail to 'do what they say'. For example, I went to an Internet marketing expo in Singapore this week where vendors were spruiking all kinds of automated, cloud-based and high tech systems for working on the Web, but, guess what? To get inside you had to fill out, using pens and hand-writing, a comprehensive form. Then, you were required to queue to present your form to a front desk, where someone then keyed the hand-written information into a computer.

Have the organisers not thought to let people key in their own information, thus cutting out this manual middle step? Obviously they missed the irony of a high-tech expo, using such low tech and inefficient entry registration methods.

Maybe it's just me, a person who spends much of his working life immersed in technology and innovation, who finds it passing strange why so many enterprises simply do not 'walk the technology talk'.

 Mum and Dad's advice

I recall that my parents, God bless them, back in my early days, used to say to me "Just do as I say, don't do as I do", but this was usually out of frustration at my behaviour. Surely business has now reached the stage where they should be taking up available technology far more readily than is happening.

I am sure, however, that back when automobiles were starting to make roads unsafe for horses, there were horse-riding zealots who refused to dismount and complained bitterly about the noisy and growing number of dangerous machines.

Eventually, horses were forced off the roads. How long will it take before corporate dinosaurs will be forced out of their offices?

 What do you think?


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