Guest View: Could your data be breaking the law?

James Walker

Then there is the spread of legislation to contend with. Banks, for example, are now required by government to collect and keep certain types of data to assist them with tracking money-laundering operations. If that data gets lost, or into the wrong hands, the bank would face stiff penalties or itself come under suspicion.

What is needed is a set of common standards so that any organisation can classify its data according to value, criticality, personal or juridical sensitivity, whether it is also time sensitive and so on. Then carriers will be able to customise services appropriate to every need, as well as creating standard packages such as "Healthcare Standard A", "Personal Data Gold" or whatever.

Achieving this requires a lot of work, but it also requires initial input from everyone whose business could be affected. In this article I have given a broad outline of issues that could touch every aspect of business - how will they impact your own operations? Do you foresee specific problems that I have not touched on? Is this so important to your company's future that you would want to help shape future cloud services to make sure its needs are accommodated?

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