Nowhere to hide: The reign of cyber criminals is coming to an end

Roger A. Grimes

If you think law enforcement is clueless, it isn't, but it takes time to get warrants and to collect evidence. I told the members of Anonymous that truth back in 2011 before any of them were arrested. Some of them chided me online, but now a few of them have written me from prison to say that they wish they had listened. They have lost their houses, girlfriends, wives, and freedom. None of their supposed friends have visited them. When the heat comes down, they will ignore you if you're lucky or turn on you to lessen their own sentences if you aren't.

There was a time when you could do all the illegal activities I've described here and have a fairly good chance of getting away with it. Those days are over, the same as it was for the bank robbers of yesteryear. You might escape attention for a little while, but keep doing it and one day you'll hear that knock on your door.

Source: InfoWorld

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