Welcome to the year of integrated intelligence

Ryan Goh, Vice President of Sales, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific

According to the same Forrester global study, nearly half of the surveyed firms identified improved customer experience as one of the top five benefits of deploying IoT solutions in the enterprise, followed closely by supply chain optimization, visibility, loss prevention and cost efficiencies. The growing mobile workforce will be able to access key information in real time so that they and their customers can gain greater visibility into their extended value chains to improve critical business processes.

Trend # 3: The adoption of Cloud technology
The evolution of cloud technology is another major trend that has permeated the market over the last couple of years, impacting every aspect of IT and how users access applications, information and business services. With the growth of smart phone based cloud applications especially, the demand for rugged-connected devices will continue to expand.

Of firms surveyed globally by Forrester, 83 percent identify Wi-Fi infrastructure and real-time location tracking technologies as important or very important building blocks of IoT solutions.

As the adoption everyday objects connected to the Internet becomes ubiquitous, and workers' demand for real time intelligence about all of their critical assets increases, enterprises will turn to cloud-based platform software that provides integrated visibility and connectivity solutions to make their processes more efficient, and work more effective

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