UK card fraud beats all records as expert predicts more annoying phone checks

John E Dunn

In the UK, the rise in fraud seen in 2013 was likely to lead to more automated real-time checking such as phoning up customers to verify transactions, he said.

"This technology helps balance the need to protect customers from fraud with the need to provide a positive purchase experience."

This is the same technology that FICO markets, of course, so it has an interest in promoting services that can annoy consumers who end up being delayed when buying goods. Unfortunately, the record fraud figures are probably the best explanation of why that is going to become more common in the next 12 months.

It's also possible that fraud controls might not be enough on their own. In June, a report by ACI International that took in the US found that credit and debit card fraud levels were corroding consumer confidence in the industry, causing some to abandon certain providers.

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