4 ways running IT is like directing a Hollywood movie

Paul Rubens

Choreographer skills comes down to the need to be able to manage and organize multiple skilled IT workers who are specialists in different domains.

And the revival preacher skills? "One thing you need to be able to do as a DSO is keep people energized and moving in the right direction," says McClure. "With innovative projects there is a lack of business structure, so you have to persuade people to do things that are new and different - get them fired up and ready to try to collaborate in new ways."

One final question: what sorts of innovative projects will these rapidly dissolving and reconstituting teams be working on? It's impossible to be specific, but McClure says that successful companies will pursue projects that both give them an advantage and are difficult for competitors to copy.

And that means the IT projects of the future will be big, hard and very complex ones, he concludes.

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