Careers 2013: New ICT projects continue to boost staff demand

Stephen Bell

"Workers continue to be motivated by remuneration primarily, but Hudson has not seen a big swing in professionals coming and going overseas.

"An area where NZ employers can look to improve attraction and retention rates is around less tangible rewards than salary alone," he says. "Hudson views the ICT sector as being notably progressive in this area, offering benefits such as training, flexible working arrangements, project milestone bonuses and technology devices."

Hudson, like Absolute IT, sees ICT demand as strong for the coming year, with a good deal of new work. "The government is investing heavily in smarter online services with the aim of seeing an average of 70 per cent of New Zealanders' most common transactions with government completed in a digital environment by 2017 -- up from 24 per cent currently," says Rogers.

However, employers are selecting their projects carefully, he says. "Hudson is still seeing organisations re-prioritising projects as they evaluate how quickly it will return profit, savings, and efficiencies. This is not only due to 'on hold' projects from the past but because of the risk-averse behaviours and stronger financial disciplines decision-makers have adopted following the economic downturn.

"In essence, before a new initiative is executed, there are far more questions being asked before it is signed off. ICT leaders have also commented that business continues to ask for more and that they have to push back to ensure the most effective projects are being run."

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