Careers 2013: What are large ICT employers looking for?

Sim Ahmed and Sarah Putt

Hammonds says Gen-i is looking for people with cloud computing experience, 4G mobile design and delivery skills, and virtualisation knowledge (in particular Cisco and Citrix engineers).

The company is focussed on creating a diverse workforce, she says it is looking to increase the number of women it employs in technical and leadership roles.

"The ICT market is traditionally around about 30 percent female," she says. "Getting more females, particularly more females in leadership, is something that we're looking more towards in the new year."

In addition people with trans-Tasman experience and those looking to work outside the big centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are also in demand.

Hammonds says the company uses a variety of ways to attract people. She says that social media and advertising directly on the Telecom website's careers page is more effective then using forums such as and traditional recruitment agencies.

"We have our careers website and we get a lot of hits that way," she says. "We actually hire more people that way then we do through agencies or anybody else at the moment."

Gen-i also recruits proactively using social media sites, in particular LinkedIn, to find people with the right skills and "shoulder taps" them for roles.

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