CIO Summit Singapore 2014: Bigger, better, more impactful

Nurdianah Md Nur and Zafirah Salim

CIO Summit 2014 singapore banner

Delegates mingling at the CIO SUmmit 2014 Singapore event
Delegates mingling before the start of the CIO Summit in Singapore on 21 August 2014.

Close to 400 members of the nation's information and communications technology (ICT) community assembled for the single most important event for enterprise technology leaders of the year here-the CIO Summit Singapore 2014-on August 21, 2014 at the Marina Bay Sands. They met and shared with their peers their problems of the day, the solutions that they sourced and difficult questions they needed answers to, and then in special discussions they worked on thrashing out the challenges they had in common in collaboration with executives from key thought leaders from the 39 best-of-breed technology companies sponsoring the event.

Conference Keynotes
The first speaker, Sandra Ng, Group Vice President of Practice Group at IDC Asia Pacific, kick started the event with a presentation titled 'Transform to deliver the new value of IT'. According to her, the convergence of technology and business has created a new "marketplace" where every organisation must become a technology company. Focusing on the five key themes of Lead, Compete, Perform, Grow and Build, Ng discussed what and how CIOs must do to deliver the new value of IT in this new era.

Manik Narayan Saha, the CIO for Asia Pacific and Japan for SAP, next took the stage to discuss the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). With 30 to 70 billion things projected to be connected by 2020, IoT is expected to benefit industries such as oil and gas, mining, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and retail by improving their efficiency and productivity. However, to fully harness the potential of IoT, enterprises need to be able to analyse, monitor and automate their systems. Besides that, having support from key stakeholders-users as well as higher management-is key to embracing IoT in the enterprise, asserted Saha.

Scott Bales, global leader on innovation, trends, design and mobility-also the author of best-selling book Mobile Ready-talked about the age of the mobile consumer. The world of mobile devices has significantly changed the nature of the consumer, bringing Bales to highlight the key elements to thriving in a world of connected, intelligent mobility: behaviour, context and utility. He also listed some key behavioural changes that are shaping the modern consumer, as well as twelve main development points that can help equip senior executives with the mindset to succeed.

Robert M. Pe, Head of Data Centre and Critical Environment Services at Schneider Electric, talked about the data centre energy challenge and complexity in Singapore. Given Singapore's tropical climate, much energy is needed to power cooling to ensure that data centres are running at their optimal temperature. Instead of spending more on cooling systems, Pe advised data centre providers to build energy-efficient data centres by SS 564 Green Data Centre Standards. He added that data centre providers need to continually monitor and improve their mission critical infrastructure environment in order to achieve an optimised and energy-efficient data centre.

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