Commonwealth Bank of Australia to export cyber training to Indonesia, says CISO

George Nott


Cyber High

As well as the education programs for universities and industry, the bank is also targetting a younger demographic.

The bank plans to work with the Australian Computing Academy to "inject cyber security into the high school curriculum" Illuz said.

The University of Sydney led academy supports teachers to deliver lessons relating to digital technologies. It also runs challenges for year five and seven pupils which are funded by the Department of Education and Training.

A CBA spokesperson added that the bank believed solving the shortage in cyber security skills required a "whole-of-pipeline approach".

"We have recently sponsored programs such as National Computer Science School, and are now exploring further options to help integrate the teaching of cyber security skills into high school classrooms," they said.


Not about outsourcing

The news comes after Illuz was reported in The Australian to have briefed bank cyber security staff that some of their jobs would likely be taken by overseas vendors.

CBA chief information officer David Whiteing confirmed to the AFR last week that some cyber security work was going offshore.

Yesterday the bank hit back at the reports, saying: "Reports suggesting we are stepping back from cyber security are incorrect...As part of our responsibility to our customers and communities, we keep a close eye on the services and capabilities available to us.

"This is not about outsourcing our cyber team. It is about ensuring we have access to the best possible services and skills when we need it to complement our own cyber security expertise."

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