Customer obsessed businesses use co-location, strategy co-creation and hybrid skills: Forrester

Divina Paredes

SunCorp, for example, conducted an extensive customer observation research project involving university doctorate students, external consultants and staff volunteers including the CEO and seven other senior executives.

The result was that Jacqui Jordan, head of customer strategy, was able to embed CX strategy within the company's overall business strategy.

Hire and train people for 'hybrid' skills
Customer obsessed companies must create a common language, says the report. Marketing must speak 'technology' and tech management must speak 'customer experience'.

The report says the best way to adopt a common language is to hire people who already speak it. It suggests including questions around customer advocacy and customer centricity when interviewing for a project manager or developer. When interviewing a marketing manager of CX specialists, he/she could be asked about technology knowledge and business analysis.

"A key aspect of CX maturity is how companies train their staff, both new and existing," the report states. "In the spirit of collaboration and co-creation, training staffers to become hybrids together will encourage even better collaboration."

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