Day in the life of a social CIO: LPL Financial's Victor Fetter

Matt Kapko

Social strategy helps avoid distraction

Social media doesn't have to be burden for IT pros, according to Fetter, who says he found a formula that helps him reap the benefits of social media without letting it become a constant distraction. After his morning social ritual, Fetter might spend a few minutes during the day engaging with customers or sharing relevant information with its client base, but he doesn't typically return to his feeds in full force until the late evening, when he checks in for a quick recap and to catch up with friends and family.

While Facebook is a personal endeavor for Fetter, Twitter is his go-to resource for news and ideas. He also regularly encourages colleagues to use LinkedIn for "more than just looking for the next job." The professional social network can be a canvas for CIOs and other professionals to build their networks of peers, he says. "Use LinkedIn as a progressive way of having a good set of contacts that will help you build what you need to do for your respective company," he says.

Fetter says social can be a powerful tool for CIOs, but he stresses that professionals need to have a strategy if they want to use it effectively. "Before you jump in, just make sure you really understand the brand you plan on projecting through those respective vehicles."

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