DevOps gaining traction in Singapore: CA Technologies

Nurdianah Md Nur

Organisations in Singapore are turning to DevOps to address the increasing pressure to deliver higher quality apps.

DevOps is software development approach that focuses on fostering collaboration between the teams that create and test applications (Dev) and those that maintain them in production environments (Ops).

According to CA Technologies' study titled "DevOps: The Worst-Kept Secret to Winning in the Application Economy", 81 percent of Singapore organisations have already adopted or are planning to adopt a DevOps strategy.  This is a 59 percent increase from last year's findings.

Key drivers for DevOps in Singapore include the need to improve quality and performance of the apps (35 percent), the increasing use of mobile devices (33 percent), and a greater need for simultaneous deployment across different platforms (31 percent).

"It is easy to see why Singapore businesses would be enthusiastic about implementing DevOps in their organisations - Singapore respondents who have already deployed DevOps report that they have seen see various quantifiable business benefits from their DevOps efforts," said Ashok Vasan, vice president, application delivery, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies.

According to the respondents, DevOps enabled them to reduce the time spent fixing and maintaining applications (85 percent). It also helped increase collaboration between departments (84 percent), and expand software availability across more platforms (84 percent).

Despite the benefits of DevOps, some organisations are still hesitant to adopt it. The top obstacle to implementing DevOps was found to be the difficulty in justifying its implementation from an ROI standpoint (34 percent).

Vasan, however, was optimistic that DevOps would be a norm in future. "Even though there is a general risk-averse business culture in Singapore, the country's reported high level of DevOps adoption - and intent to adopt - shows that it is able to surmount even these ingrained cultural obstacles to drive their organisations to greater success."

Conducted by Vanson Bourne for CA Technologies, the "DevOps: The Worst-Kept Secret to Winning in the Application Economy" study is based on the opinions of 1,425 senior IT and business leaders from 13 countries worldwide.