DevOps gains support from APJ enterprises: CA Technologies

Nurdianah Md Nur

"The telecoms industry is one of the most competitive, and the pressure to continuously deliver new products and services is enormous," said Vasan. "The promise of DevOps to accelerate the industry's pace of development and delivery is thus a compelling reason for its adoption, and has as key role to play in enabling new revenue opportunities."

The next industry with the highest DevOps adoption rate in APJ is the media, leisure and entertainment industry, which is also under-going intense competition and disruption by newer technologies such as content streaming to mobile devices. In this industry, 24 percent of respondents have already adopted DevOps.

"External business forces — such as increased revenue and faster time-to- market — are increasingly pressuring businesses to deliver apps and services faster and more reliably than before. The majority of businesses is thus no longer questioning the need for DevOps, but making strategic plans and investments to implement the methodology," said Vasan.

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