EMC's IIG to help enterprises in Asia embrace mobility

Nurdianah Md Nur

With user work patterns and expectations changing very dramatically, mobile workers expect instant access to any information regardless of where it is stored, or which device they are using. We refer to this as a 'frictionless user experience.' This reduces the urge to seek unauthorised or unsafe paths to share information. How many times has an email server or a file server imposed limits that blocked an important business transaction? High performance with low overhead, as well as access online or offline, is critical for productivity in mobile and remote network environments.

Employees will use the IT tools that enable them to be more productive and collaborative, regardless of whether the tools are accessed in the consumer or enterprise realm. Therefore, IT needs to support this shift to mobility in a way that combines consumer usability with enterprise grade security.

Recognising this shift to the third platform, we have architected our solutions to meet this shift without sacrificing any of the control or security that enterprises demand.  IIG enables the seamless and secure exchange of information across devices and harnesses this information to empower organisations to make insightful decisions and intelligently transform information into business value.

As the mobility needs of every organisation are unique, customised solutions are key to delivering a user experience that is completely intuitive, frictionless and efficient. IIG offers a portfolio of enterprise software and solutions that solve complex information and content management challenges. This enables organisations to lower their total cost of ownership, increase agility, and achieve active governance for their most critical information assets (Trusted IT). IIG's portfolio makes it even easier for organisations to transform how this work gets done through our solutions, which can be deployed in via software-as-a-service (SaaS), on-Premise, private cloud or hosted models.

For instance, IIG offers a portfolio of banking solutions such as the Customer On-Boarding and Loan Servicing solutions. These solutions help financial institutions to transform complex financial processes into an integrated, agile, business solution to satisfy customers, meet demanding loan requests and up-sell banking services — all while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Q: How does IIG address some of the concerns that Asian businesses face when it comes to embracing mobility?
According to research firm IDC, by 2015, Asia Pacific will account for half of the mobile phones shipped globally. With the total number of smart connected devices predicted to reach a staggering 766 million by 2015 and given that reliance on technologies of cloud, virtualisation and mobile is expected to increase, communication is getting borderless and so are the attacks. Every individual, every mobile device opens up an organisation's network to vulnerabilities.

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