How to become a better leader

Rich Hein

Surround Yourself With People Smarter Than You
Always being the smartest person in the room is hard to maintain in the world of technology, there is so much moving at a break-neck pace. There aren't enough hours in the day to know and keep up with it all. This means you need to build your team with people who complement your skill set.

Always Be Learning
If you aren't regularly educating yourself in your market and specialty, you will quickly be left behind. Take stock of your skills, decide where you need work and go after it. Maybe you need to learn more of the business-side of your organization or you want to improve your public speaking skills. Whatever it is, don't wait. People often say lead by example, many of your subordinates and coworkers will take their cues from you. If they see that you take learning seriously they are more likely to as well.

The list here isn't all-inclusive and we'd love to hear how you facilitate better leadership in your organization or your personal career.

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