How to build a software developer talent pipeline

Sharon Florentine

HackerRank's code challenges also include a built-in code checker and a QA screening process to make sure developers' code is functional, clean and follows best practices, he says.

HackerRank also has a full suite of analytics and reporting tools for both developers and hiring managers, Ravisankar says. It provides consistent interviewing tools to ensure there's common ground and that all candidates are being judged on the same criteria.

Developers Call the Shots
"The key to all of this is that it's voluntary," Ravisankar says. "The choice is with the developers — if they enjoy coding, if they want to prove their skills and knowledge to others in the community. This is a way for them to do that while having the added benefit of making themselves available to potential employers, if they wish," he says. "And that works great for hiring companies, too, because they're building a developer pipeline. You can see that person's code, see their abilities, and that can speed up time-to-hire," he says.

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