How to select the right CEO -- Hollywood style

Bill Baker

In my not so humble opinion "JC Superstar" is one of the best growers in modern corporate history; however, when a company's growth is tied to a country's GDP I don't need Cramer to tell me there is very little upside! Seriously, it's time for John to consider a much bigger opportunity — the U.S. Presidency itself. Personally, I don't think it would hurt to have someone in DC that actually understands P&L and has access to the world's business and political leaders as well.

Bottom line is that corporate America can learn a great deal from Hollywood, which has been typecasting for a long time. You don't see Stallone as a romantic lead, do you? They don't always get it right (George Lazenby as 007?) but they get it right more often than corporate America does. So rather than hiring headhunters, corporate boards should hire Hollywood talent agents instead. And as much as I would like to expand on this I have to run, Ari Emanuel is on the other line and he is looking for a "name." Let's do lunch soon, have your people call my people.

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