Lessons in marketing IT's value

CIO Executive Council

Design Visuals for Maximum Impact
Mark Carbrey, CIO, Agero: The most important aspects of marketing IT are transparency and creating empathy for the IT organization. Our company is metrics- and goal-based, so instead of just providing status updates, I focus on providing measurements that show where we stack up against our target metrics, and I design and distribute information about what IT does in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Because we want our internal staff to visually understand our message immediately, we collect a lot of information about IT projects and distribute it as a single chart or page.

We also made a major investment in a project and portfolio management (PPM) system, which is unusual for a midsize company. The PPM system allows us to clearly convey information about where we are on projects and correct what is wrong, and it serves as a single source of the truth.

Two years ago, we created a quality index that consists of 20 key quality parameters that roll up into a single index. Since the index was created, our quality score has increased every month.

The idea is to communicate basic information in a way that allows people to readily understand it—and rally around it—and that enables IT to be visible and transparent.

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