Research finds 70 percent of CIOs are introverts

Anh Nguyen

"In leadership roles, there's a lot of discretion. There's no rule book," Peppard said.

He added that CIOs are also often viewed as the IT geek by their executive counterparts.

"When I ask CxOs to describe a stereotypical IT executive, their descriptions usually mirrors that of the dominant MBTI profile," he said.

"'Needs to get out more' is a comment I frequently hear in relation to their CIO, a reference perhaps to their introverted nature. 'Can't see the bigger picture' is another that I encounter, a possible consequence of their strong sensing preference."

However, Peppard believes that CIOs can benefit from being aware that they have these particular personality traits, and use that knowledge to work on their weaknesses.

"The cornerstone of being a very good leader is about being self aware," he said.

"Just because you struggle, it doesn't mean you can't be a good leader. But you need to recognise your preferences and develop the side that is weak.

"There are a lot of great introverted leaders. They network. They get out there and they do it even if they're not comfortable with it."

In November, an analysis of CEOs of companies in the FTSE 350 found that just one, Philip Clarke at Tesco, was previously a CIO, and only three held computer science degrees.

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