The chief data officer as Mr. Spock

Anthony Palella and Mario Faria

-- Get off the bridge. Kirk needed Spock, and your CEO needs you, but Spock was also a key figure in getting engineering, tactical, communications and science to work together. The CDO must similarly be a bridge builder across several areas of the company.

-- It is logical to put the entire enterprise's fortunes ahead of those of your functional area. Make sure you and your team see yourselves as enabling the success of the other C-level executives. It is your mission to support them, for the good of the enterprise. To do otherwise would, in the long term, do harm to your functional area. And if you are successful, your peers will be eager to work with you, to the extent that they will be willing to contribute their own budget dollars to building your organization.

CDOs who follow these five recommendations will live long and prosper.

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