Transform your business or pay the price

Richard Earl

The structure of the average IT department hasn't changed in quite some time but for corporates to continue to prosper, the IT department has to reinvent itself.

Gartner refers to this as the "bimodal" or two speed approach -- combining 'business as usual' activities with disruption and change -- the co-existence of two very different skill sets.

We are getting to the end of the first internet age which was all about users interacting directly with devices. But we are starting to see the emergence of a digital environment where the next wave of innovation involves services and devices connecting and exchanging data without our knowledge or intervention -- the Internet of Things.

This requires close collaboration with the providers of infrastructure, and will only be possible if CIOs are open to co-creation. Security will be paramount and will account for a massive proportion of IT spend in the coming years -- as high as 30 per cent by some estimates.

It's the truly inspiring and impactful CIOs that identify and harness new technologies that will benefit their businesses and drive tangible growth that will succeed in the future.

Perhaps it's time for some employers to alter the job descriptions of their CIOs.

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