Businesses in the UK take 'average 5 months' to deliver IT projects

Margi Murphy

'True' hybrid cloud?
Meanwhile, Richard Monroe, VMware's CTO for vcloud platforms warned that "new cloud platforms are IT silos" and optimised purely for new applications, leaving organisations reaching further into their pockets with increased staff and training resources needed to manage disparate tools.

He promised that the VMware hybrid cloud will allow enterprise to migrate all of their applications and if necessary, move them back on premise too. Further, VMware can specify the locality of the centres for data sovereignty.

VMware partnered with AirWatch to let users access files from one place using virtual and physical clients and let admins manage desktops in the same way they handle mobile devices, it was announced in April this year.

The study polled 1,800 IT decision makers and 3,600 office workers in companies with over a hundred employees in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Nordics, Russia, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates in March and April this year.

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