CeBIT 2014: Go fast or go home with Cloud app ecosystems: News Corp

Allan Swann

"The secret to going fast is to hit the Cloud hard, as hard as you can," he said.

Quinn says that, going forward, everything in NewsCorp is Cloud first. Every project that is presented to him by junior staff he forces them to rework it into a Cloud model.

"Replace your legacy systems, and have an easier life," he said.

One of the key advantages of Cloud and 'lego block' composable ecosystem model is that individual components can be changed out if they don't work with minimal fuss - especially when compared to onsite hardware.

Quinn estimates that rearranging Cloud based components for new projects now takes just three months, instead of 10-12 under old systems.

Nowadays Cloud has matured enough that there is a Cloud app for almost anything, no matter how niche your business is - you can compose a solution based exclusively on third party Cloud based app infrastructure.

The in demand staff in this new world are the integration experts, not the tin or app experts. The integration experts role is to 'figure out the glue' - how all these components knit together. NewCorp uses Cloudhub and Mulesoft ESB for this purpose.

Even the integrators are now adapting their own business models, a lot of these integrating pieces of software now have to slot into other apps and programs. Apps like Zapier now can merge Salesforce tasks and contact lists with Evernote, simply by dragging and dropping.

Quinn says the new model means cost savings of up to four times previous models. 45% of the company's compute is in the cloud currently, the stated goal is 75% within two years.

"Don't have two of anything," he said. "Complexity will kill."

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