How to succeed in an as-a-service world

Diana Bersohn

Accenture Strategy research shows that 64 percent of senior executives surveyed believe XaaS providers will deliver new capabilities faster than a traditional IT organization. By using XaaS models, internal teams become more agile and can make decisions faster, quickly pivoting to pursue new innovations.

News Corp UK is a good example. The team chose to migrate its enterprise applications to the cloud. The publisher has increased speed and agility, and is saving costs by reducing the need for large internal support teams. Developers are no longer sitting and waiting for new infrastructure to be provisioned.

3. Focus on new skills and capabilities.

The anything-as-a-service operating modelrequires specific enhanced skill sets for service onboarding, strategic vendor management and account management, among other areas.The CIO can decide to upskill the existing workforce to build extended capabilities, or bring in new talent to fill these roles and bridge the skills gap.

The new organization’s structure should include a mix of service teams that are responsible for end-to-end service development management and operations as well as coordination teams that provide overall strategy, governance and relationship management capabilities.

Fast forward

Cloud adoption is moving at high-speed, but now the organizational structure must catch up. CIOs can help the business effectively migrate to a new operating model by thinking big, but starting small. These incremental improvements will amass and lead to a responsive, agile, innovative IT organization that is poised for the future.

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