Malaysia: 2013 Rewind + Forward 2014: Part 2


Avaya Malaysia Country Director M Rasidan modified 

M Rasidan M Taher, Malaysia Country Director, Avaya

The emergence of smarter offices this year

During 2013, Avaya Network Malaysian business continued growing at about 20 percent YOY, and included the increasing acceptance by the market of the Avaya Video conferencing system.

In 2014, we will start to see the emergence of smarter offices through communications-enabled technologies. I think we’re gradually moving towards more functional and productive ways of working, and this means the office of tomorrow will look quite different to the one we’re used to now.

Communications-enabled technology will go as far as to enforce change on business processes and business models as companies are presented with more timely and relevant information about customers. Technology and networks that are self-aware will become increasingly prevalent as the cost of the sensor technology, which enables this, reaches an all-time low.

In fact, Gartner predicts that we’ll soon reach the point where it’s cheaper to have a communications-enabled system than not. This will lead to a fundamental change in the way companies work – from new ways of developing technology, to better facilities management through an increase in pay-as-you-go billing models for office utilities. Next year, work will move even closer to becoming “somewhere you go” rather than “something you do” and this will have a huge impact on the kinds of technologies that business will require and demand.

We will start to see the growth in Video and mobility technology adoption as well as an increased focus on Big Data in commercial and government sectors.

Furthermore, the rise of the midmarket brings with it significant opportunities, it also brings its share of problems, specifically for technology vendors that don’t already have a plan of action and have been slow to recognise its potential. Few vendors today are actually building their products from the ground up, meaning there is very little available that specifically addresses the demands of this sector and today’s work environment. This is now starting to change, however.

In 2014, entering the market you’ll see solutions designed with the unique needs of mid-sized businesses in mind – aimed at empowering these companies with simple, effective and engaging collaboration.

For some vendors it will be a case of playing catch up to the market and that could create problems for them and their partners.

Avaya in Malaysia, plans are to further increase our presence and market share especially in the Networking, Video Conferencing and Midmarket solutions areas. We also plan to start positioning Avaya as a strategic solution provider for our customers in specifics verticals such as in Government Services to Public, Health and Hospitality among others.

Furthermore, one of the key developments will be the mid-market’s rise in prominence, and we’ll start to see the creation of specialised channel programmes tailored for this segment. It has been well documented of late that mid-market firms are essential to future economic prosperity and, because technology is a massive driver of business growth and success, there is huge opportunity for vendors and the channel to sell to this budding segment.

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