Malaysia: 2013 Rewind + Forward 2014: Part 2


They are i) Globalize the Malaysian ICT Industry, ii) Increase competitiveness of the ICT Industry. iii) Develop human capital, iv) Lead the digital trend, v) enhance value to members, and vi) Accelerate growth of Malaysian ICT demand.

Globalize Malaysia’s ICT Industry

All of PIKOM’s strategic core thrusts are closely aligned to the country’s ICT vision that is also carried by the national ICT agency Multimedia Development Corporation [MDeC], the Performance Management Delivery Unit [Pemandu], the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation [MOSTI], and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry [MITI].

But a highlight would be our advocacy for the local Data centre and outsourcing services developments under the National Key Economic Area (NKEA)’s EPP3 initiative for Malaysia to be a regional world-class outsourcing hub; as well as the introduction of the Uptime Institute’s Data Centre certification program to measure the reliability of Malaysian Data Centres to encourage more related IT investments here.

In 2014, PIKOM will focus on building the ‘professionalization’ of the ICT sector and enabling more ICT engagements in the private and public sectors. As the first step, ITO CONSORTIUM, a core effort between Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and Outsourcing Malaysia (a chapter of PIKOM – the National ICT Association of Malaysia), has been established to bring together key outsourcers in Malaysia to collectively and more strongly bid for large and global IT outsourcing projects.

PIKOM will also champion two more industrial certifications and strategic international alliances to augment Malaysia ICT industry’s positioning in APAC market. Apart from this, the talent gaps in local ICT fields are becoming more apparent. PIKOM is looking to address the demands of IT skilled talents and knowledge workers via ICT career campaign, certification program and collaboration with tertiary educational institutes.

The first part of this feature was published on 2nd January 2013.

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