Malaysia: 2013 Rewind + Forward 2014: Part 2



Victor Cheng- CA Technologies

Victor Cheng, Vice President, Asia South, CA Technologies

CIOs comfortable with giving up control

In 2013, CA Technologies saw increasing IT development in Malaysia’s technology sphere. CIOs in Malaysia are becoming more comfortable in giving up control and recognising the need for more efficient means to manage their software. 2014 bodes well for stronger engagement models between the business and the services it delivers. 

CA Technologies predicts that IT organisations will see the following 5 trends in 2014:

1.  A mounting skills crisis
- Experts believe that nearly all of the 30 fastest-growing occupations in the next decade will demand workers skilled in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

2. IT will gain an “APPetite and fuel the API economy
- In such an environment, CIOs will move up the value chain to focus more on managing apps and services will increase their company’s ability to drive success.

3. A rise of experience- centric everything
Both customers and employees are embracing disruptive technologies faster than businesses.

4. Demands for accelerated deliveries 
This fuels the DevOps movement that necessitates the reconstitution of traditional frameworks like ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), and extracts their most valuable concepts and adjusts them for modern, agile development.

5. Security will top the IT and Business agenda.
Enterprise software management in a Malaysian organisation demands a new breed of expertise as well as advancements in mobility, social, and sensing technologies that rely on resetting the design and architecture of applications and user interfaces. These are highly specialized skills currently almost impossible to recruit completely within any one organisation.
The management of mobile/social IT will become less about managing and securing the devices themselves, and more about managing and securing the mobile applications and mobile data, all while delivering a compelling and engaging user experience.

IT services in Malaysia is primed towards becoming application assemblers and brokers of business services. This in turn will drive dramatic changes on how applications are developed, that in turn will lead to a rise in experience-driven design and it will necessitate a method of developing software where developers and IT operations professionals work together to speed up the delivery of new business services.

The rapidly expanding and collaborative open enterprise diminishes IT control and will require the CIO and CSO to find the delicate balance of enabling and protecting the business. Ensuring that security is convenient— simple, yet automated on the back-end—for users is one way to ensure productivity and business enablement. Coupled with a “predict, prevent, and prepare” for a possible breach approach, IT will gain a good start on balancing business enablement with business protection.

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