Malaysia: Look Ahead to 2013 - Part 2


Carlos Lacerda - Microsoft Malaysia MD

Photo -  Carlos Lacerda, Managing Director, Microsoft Malaysia

ICT continues to be recognised as a major enabler of the Malaysian economy, with both the Economic Transformation Program (ETP) and the Digital Malaysia Master Plan set in place to accelerate Malaysia's transformation into an innovative and competitive nation. Despite the global economic conditions, we believe the local ICT industry continues to show signs of positive growth.

According to the 'Microsoft Economic Impact, 2011' report by IDC, it was projected that from 2011 to end of 2015, employment in the ICT industry and of ICT professionals will rise by 118,500, up from a base of 491,000 in 2011. The local ICT market will drive the creation of nearly 1,000 new ICT businesses, with most of these companies consisting of small and locally owned organisations.  It is also anticipated that the ICT sector will have created more than 183,000 new non-IT jobs in the economy by the end of 2015.

 Solving problems with the cloud

We  will continue to forge ahead to help people, companies and governments realise their full potential through technology. Our partnerships and collaborations with the Malaysian Government and industry stakeholders in initiating programmes to enhance human capital development and local software development, among other major initiatives, are testament to our efforts in this regard.

We are committed to delivering on programmes such as the 1Vendor Development Programme with the Ministry of Finance to elevate the competitiveness of local ICT vendors, and our collaborations with MDeC and SME Corp to transform SMEs with cloud computing technology.  We will continue to play our part to achieving the collective vision of a better, brighter Malaysia.

From a company that developed operating systems and applications software, Microsoft is today a company whose technology spans the entire software spectrum, from browsers and search engines, to business productivity tools and phones, and more. Microsoft has made a huge impact in education, in business, and in so many other diverse areas including the public sector, the community, and in homes.

We have achieved a number of major milestones in 2012, among them the launch of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, featuring new and innovative capabilities for our customers. And with the upcoming announcements on Windows Phone 8 and the new Office, we will continue to make significant impact in transforming education, businesses and lives here in Malaysia through the power of computing technology.

From a socio-economic perspective, these are dynamic, challenging times where Malaysia is faced with meeting the demands of increased expectations, fewer resources, and a swelling population. Government leaders are looking for breakthrough ways of fuelling economic growth, addressing societal challenges and growing national competitiveness.

These are exciting times for Microsoft here in Malaysia. With Windows 8, we have just concluded the biggest launch in the company's history, and we have embarked on the most extensive refresh of our products this year, from the back-end to front-facing clients.

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary in Malaysia, Microsoft has been a trusted innovation and technology partner to the Government, our customers and business partners. We have introduced state-of-the-art innovation, technology and services that transform education by expanding quality and accessibility using technology; drive business transformation through new technologies like cloud computing and workforce development; and ultimately improve the way we live.

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