MediaFire offers 1TB of cloud storage for $2.50, 50GB for free

Lucas Mearian

The service automatically tracks specific file versions. Files can be organized by date, edit history and type. The service also has an automatic duplicate removal feature.

The company said it is also developing applications for iOS and Android mobile devices to use the service.

What MediaFire's iPad App will look like.

"These will be available over the next few weeks, and will introduce a host of new features, including automatic photo-syncing directly from your Android mobile device," the company wrote in its blog.

The service also offers a tool that allows users to take a screen shot and automatically share it with other users of a file sharing list they create.

Since launching a beta in November, MediaFire claims more than 2 million users have used its Desktop application.

As part of its service's launch, the company also announced upgrades to its beta, including an overhaul of its APIs and Developer Resource Portal, a software development kit (SDK) to enable integration of the service directly into applications.

"Native SDKs will be coming for all major platforms and languages. For more information, or to enroll in our beta development program," the company said.

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