Microsoft Azure powers mobile stock trading app TradeHero

Nurdianah Md Nur

Microsoft announced that MyHero Limited, the Singapore-based company behind the mobile app TradeHero, has leveraged Microsoft Azure to ensure the reliability of its app.

TradeHero is a financial literacy and stock tip tool which educates users by acting as a stock trading simulation. Users can trade virtually using real-time and real-world market information as well as follow other high performing users to learn trading strategies.

Since its implementation, Microsoft Azure has supported TradeHero's 400,000 users daily by supplying them with data and insights from 28 stock markets, 45,000 global securities and 1,300 Forex exchange rates with minimal latency.

"With the high volume of trade the app handles daily from our users, it was important for us to use a secure and reliable cloud platform that enables us to scale to the ebbs and flow of our user traffic," said Dominic Morris, chief technology officer at TradeHero.

Windows Azure's built-in auto scaling also made it easier fro TradeHero to plan its resources effectively. "[The cloud platform thus] supports our need for scalability and agility as we expand our operations to support more users and trading volumes globally," said Morris.